Sunday, January 24, 2010

Podcast 2: MLK Day/ Art, Creativity, and Education

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Podcast 2: MLK Day/ Art. Creativity, and Education
Hosts: Vijou and Jess
  • Bimonthly Podcasts
  • Defining Terms
Womyn: Why the "y"
Ally-ship Shout Out
Art, Creativity, and Education
Much Love,
Vijou and Jess

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Podcast!

**Photo Credit: Banksy, Take This - Society!
**Song Credit: Erykah Badu, The Healer/Hip Hop

Podcast One: Overview
Introductions: Jess, Vijou and "the Project"
Who we are?
Where we went to school?
What we studied?
Work we’ve done...
Work we plan to do...

Goals For "the Project":
Support Other Ongoing Work
Creating Space and Connecting People

Future Podcast Topics:
Defining Terms- Queer, Womyn, People of Color, Ally, etc...
Safe Spaces- What does this mean? Is this possible?
Building Community
Body Love/Self Love
Money/ Budgets
Feminist Straight Men- Where you at?
Listeners Questions/Feedback/Comments
Skill Share
Mixed Race Experiences
Pop Culture (Books, Music etc)
Mental Health
Local Events

Meet us where were at/Disclaimer:
Please have patience with us. A lot of the tools were using to make this are new to us. If they are not new to you and you would like to teach us how to use them please let us know!

Much Love,
vijou and jess
ps. download podcast here